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Hi there! I’m Le Lien (name pronounced like Lee Lynn). That’s me in the photo above. You might also know me by my stage name: Ly. I am a self-starter that thrives being able to organize and manage large amounts of complex detail. From graphic and web design or development, I am able to tap into the vast knowledge banks I’ve cultivated and put it to use for you. You can visit my LinkedIn profile to see all the awesome things I have done and am doing in my career. Also, scroll down to this page to read testimonials from many of my very happy clients. If you would like to work with me, we can have a short chat to see how I can help you with your business needs. Fill out the contact form today and let me know about you and your business and how we can get started.

Brand Identity

What are you looking for and what is your story?

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Web Development

You deserve a good-looking website. We can help you make it a reality.

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Marketing Compaign

One of the most rewarding parts of working in social media marketing is creating a brand story and fleshing it out on all marketing channels.

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Le redesigned our website and did an excellent job. Her depth of knowledge and thorough nature have created a more powerful site than I could have imagined.

Dale Meder


Le did a fantastic job designing my entire website, taking photographs, and improving the look of my youtube and twitter page which has enhanced the overall appearance and impact of my branding. She was very patient, professional, and EASY to work with. She explained everything she was doing. Le is a great person to have on your team

Mike Sullivan


Le is an incredible individual. We started casually, chatting about our passions and the goals we were working towards in life and professionally. I explained I was planting a seed in order to change careers and be self sustainable someday. Le acknowledged that being an entrepreneur is a different way of life and full of challenges but believed in me and my dreams and wanted to help me succeed. This is where Le really shined. Le was very organized, meticulous, methodical, and personable. Le gets work done. As an artist I get caught up in day dreams but Le would bring me back to focus and I could tell she really wanted me to succeed and laid out the framework for success. I now work towards entrepreneurship everyday. Le truly inspired me with her knowledge of marketing, branding, website design, and the right mindsets at the right times. Le was the best person to pull me through and help my ideas and visions transpire and I am forever grateful for doing business with her and ultimately making a new friend. One day at a time, One task at a time. I will be doing business with Le again in the future, Absolutely.

Justin Dial


Le is a very passionate and dedicated professional. It was such a pleasure working with her! She understood all my needs and delivered rapid results and troubleshooting. I felt guided step by step and empowered through the entire process of launching my website and brand! In addition, she helped me successfully launch my first online campaign! Le assisted with designing my logo, and finding an effective way to communicate my vision and mission visually through branding, design, website creation, aswell as training and consulting on platforms like WordPress, MailChimp and Outlook! I highly recommend Le as she is a very hardworking, orgnanized expert in web-design and online marketing! I look forward to working with her again!

Katerina Gagkas